Overreaction Monday, let the Twitter Trolls March!

It is officially here, the Monday after the opening weekend of the NFL Season.


In other words, it is Overreaction Monday!

All over social media you will see:



“This is the year Jets win the SuperBowl!”

Okay, maybe not the last one, especially from a true Jets fan, thank sweet baby Jesus I am not…I have enough of a burden called the New York Mets to deal with.  Even though this year they may be my saving grace, thanks NY Giants…RUN THE BALL!!!

I digress.

But on occasion, it gets nasty

Now think about this, the platform in which these are being read is a late night comedy show.  But in reality, these are just a few of Hundreds and sometimes thousands of tweets, facebook comments, and Instagram comments these guys receive on a daily basis.
These people, and that is all they are, people that are very gifted and good at what they do, are being criticized but people that more than likely are not close to being one of the 1500 best in the world at their profession like these people are.  The “trolls” as they are called, that are going out of their way to simply insult someone because they had a bad day at their job, more than likely are not happy with their very own lives.  However, with social media, they now are given a place where they can not only vent their frustrations, but also take them out on an easy target.  A person whose job is able for us all to see, LIVE, and then be subjected to instantaneous, and more so, impulsive responses.

I will get more into this subject and many others as this semester goes along, but one question: Is having instant access to a professional athlete a good thing?


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