Survey says?!?

Yesterday we saw the future.  At least some of us did…While some of us only heard the future with a black screen, or a frozen screen, or only saw a glimpse of the future for 15 seconds while we waited up to 45 seconds to be miraculously jumped into the future again…missing everything in between…Ugh…

On Sunday Oct. 25th, it was a seminal moment for the National Football League as it exclusively broadcast a game on (and the NFL mobile app.)  For the first time in recent memory, you could not watch a game on traditional television, their partner in crime since the early ‘s 60’s.

Yahoo paid the NFL somewhere between $17-$20 million for the right to do so.  Yahoo then turned around and according to Fortune, this game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills at Wembley Stadium in London, England was being sold at $200,000 per :30 second commercial avail.  Unfortunately, even the most uninformed football fan would probably look at you and say…”Ya, those teams aren’t good”.  So why would anyone pay for something at such a premium between two lower tiered teams on a medium that had yet to be proven?  Well, they didn’t.  The cost was cut by 3/4’s for only $50,000 for said :30 second spot.

Response on the other hand was mixed.  Only speaking for myself, while walking around and using in an area with 4G LTE, it was absolutely awful to watch.  The stream was steady, for at most, 1 minute.  This was followed by no signal for over a minute.  Not the ratio you would want.  However, I went onto Twitter to see what the masses were saying.  Mike Florio, owner and writer of Pro Football Talk and contributor to Football Night In America pointed out that the stream was smooth on the NFL Mobile App.  I then downloaded said app and it was true.  No hiccups or delays.

But according again to Fortune, many viewed the game as a success:

Wow this is crystal clear. Seems like 4K on iPhone 6S. @marissamayer hope to see more in the future

Well, it looks like the jury is still out on this one.  I don’t think the NFL servers, or more importantly Yahoo servers were prepared for at least 10 million viewers.  CNN reported 15 million sampled while there was a average of 2.36 million viewers per minute.  33% being those outside of the US.

This game was viewed as a “test” for the NFL.  Here is my question, why would you conduct such a test during a regular season game?  Not to mention a game on international soil?  If you want to conduct a test, why wouldn’t it be the Hall of Fame Game?  The first preseason game of the year held at Canton, OH. the home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  This game is the first pro football game since the Super Bowl and feeds the hungry masses dying for the NFL.  Instead you come across as a half-assing something that should be legitimately explored!

But what the hell do I know, I was just stuck looking at a frozen screen for more often than not.


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