What the hell is the human element?

The Human Element…If you are familiar with this term you are obviously a sports fan.  Because in my 37 years on this earth, sports, in particular professional sports is the only place I hear this.  However, I Googled the “human element” and there is actually a humanelement.com.  And this is its Mission Statement: “Human Element solutions are processes for addressing and resolving human issues in the work place—lack of accountability, unhealthy competition, infighting, malicious compliance, turf wars, etc”

Okay so this tells you how to cope with humans in the workplace…However, it sports it essentially means: “They’re humans, so they are going to screw up and we need that in sports because we’re…humans”

Here is a prime example of the human element in sports with a human moment:



Jim Joyce, the umpire took accountability of his actions which was looked down upon by his colleagues because they believe they need to have an aura of “above the players”, almost like a police officer with an enormous ego.  However, years later MLB adopted instant replay for what are commonly referred to as “Bang, Bang” plays such as this. And it shows you how hard it is to get these calls right.  Especially in a social media age where everything is being scrutinized.  And don’t think for a moment that these umpires, referees, and officials don’t know that.  Because…


Here is an example of the officials on the field getting the call right, but due to overwhelming scrutiny of how they always “seem” to have questionable calls, there should be a automatic replays on certain plays.

A couple years ago NFL and then NCAA Division 1 College Football mandated that every touchdown and turnover could be subject to replay.  And this is what happens:


The problem with the “Human Element” in sports is that we expect people to not be human.  We get pissed when the guy making $20 million a year strikes out to win the big game, wondering how can this guy make so much to fail in the most pressure packed of moments.  Not realizing the billions the league makes, and the hundreds of millions the team makes.  That $20 million is only a fraction.

But if the guy that makes $120,000, a year being a MLB  umpire gets one out of 10,000 calls he makes a year wrong, he has to worry about his life.  What is next?  An automated strike zone?



Okay, what is next, robotic players………….


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