Over the course of this year, I have mentioned multiple times in both blogs and in my Future of Communications course that the day will eventually come when the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and/or Amazon will outbid major network television for the broadcasting rights of the National Football League.

This statement has solely been based on my opinion. ¬†I see how much the aforementioned companies are worth, and their exponential growth with today’s emerging technological world we live in, and then compare that to the amount of money that the networks, in particular ESPN and NBC are losing.

I consider myself somewhat of an expert on sports, which can be questioned due to my love of the NY Giants and NY Mets these days…However, growing up watching, reading, and studying religiously, plus now have a media analytical mind thanks to my education, I don’t think this theory isn’t too far fetched.

But my lack of understanding of the money analytics where my argument/theory loses steam.  However, I gave you this and consider this my walk of blog of the year!