Make Your Move and Shake Your Ass. My Four Days with Tony: Day 2, Put your books down, AND STAND UP!

Four hours!


Despite flying cross country, despite jumping for more than 10 hours straight, despite being up for 26 hours, despite WALKING ON HOT FUCKING COALS!  I only got 4 hours of sleep.  Keeping in mind that 6am PST is 9am EST and I haven’t slept that late since that time I ate a brownie and thought I was having a heart attack.

Wanna know why I only slept 4 hours?  Protein bars and salt and vinegar almonds.

You’re welcome.

Since I’m up, let’s go for a run. For you see, working out is a must for me and I know that.  Let me say that again, working out is a MUST for me and I know that.

From here moving forward I will pass along glorious nuggets of information that I learned for hopefully your benefit.  And think, all you had to do was read this.  All I had to do was, well you’ll see.

If you are going to make a lasting change in your life, you have to make whatever you want to accomplish a must.  I must look good naked so I must workout and eat well.  But, you also have to get leverage.  Like looking in the mirror and not loving what you see.  Fast forward, that’s not an issue anymore and I look fucking fantastic in the nude.

Let me tell a story that will further explain the concept of making lasting change by using leverage and must.  February of 2005, I was without question, a pile of shit.  I had a drinking problem of at least a 12 pack 5 days a week.  The only reason I didn’t drink the other two was the massive hangover from drinking an excessive amount of liquor.  Scotch and Amaretto, commonly known as a “Godfather” was my drink of choice. I was 26 years old.  I was smoking at least a pack a day, I had a cocaine habit that was putting me into massive debt, I was about to be dismissed from school, I had a total disconnect from my family, I had highly questionable “associates”, and more than anything, I stopped caring.  I loved absolutely nothing. I was numb.

But, I had a 1993 Cadillac El Dolrado.  God did I love it.  Loved it so much I never got the goddamn thing inspected.  It was one of the laziest things I’ve ever done.

And it saved my life.

Monday, February 7th was the day after the Patriots beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl.  I despised both teams (Giants fan), so that gave me, you know, a great reason to party uncontrollably that Super Bowl Sunday.  The next day,  Monday the 7th,  I found myself suffering from an alcohol and drug induced hangover for  3 out of the last 4 days.  I was slowly killing myself.  But,  I had to work that night and while driving in my oh so loved, illegal machine, I got pulled over.  I was being cited for not having an inspection sticker AND not having my seat belt on. Both illegal in the State of Vermont. The latter being a secondary offense, which just so happened to be the responsibility of the officer that pulled me over to enforce. Fucker.  Little did he know he helped save my life, and maybe others. THAT is a scary thought.  The officer said if I got my car inspected in the next week, that ticket would be torn up.  Still, I wonder if he gave me a breathalyzer, what would have happened?

I know what would have happened.

All I had to do was get my car inspected, right?  One hurdle, though, It wasn’t inspectable.  Unless I had $1500 to replace all the brake lines.  No way my drinking and drug habit could support that.   I was left scrambling.  Instead of being pragmatic, I was dramatic.


Don’t ask how I deduced that I couldn’t afford to get my brake lines fixed, or take my car to another garage in East Bumbfuck Vermont that would throw an inspection sticker on a 1962 Ford Truck.  Yet in my delusional mind,  I could somehow afford a newer vehicle.  By the way, my Cadillac payment, $130 a month.  My cable bill is more than that now, with internet.  I’m not a fool. At least not now.  My drinking and drugging cost more than that PER WEEK.  THAT is the mind of an addict.

Off I went to see one of many car salespeople I  knew.  Short story long, after trying to convince every bank imaginable that I would make my payment despite a God awful credit score. I was staring at the only thing I could get approved for, a 1999 Ford Explorer.  Dilemma, my payment was about to double.  How could I afford THAT? I had a $130 plus per week drinking and drug habit to support.

Simple, quit drinking and doing drugs.

That is honest to God the thought I had when believing that I MUST have a new vehicle and that the ONLY (leverage) way I could afford it was by sobering up.

That will be 12 years ago this upcoming February and I haven’t had a sip or sniff since.

I fucking did it!  And THAT’s how you make lasting change.  3 years after that, I quit smoking cigarettes.

You make it from a should to a must.  You get leverage.  You interrupt your pattern.  How did I do that?  I ate a shitload of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.  I gained about 20lbs, but I  gained my life back! The last step is you create an Empowering Alternative and be sure to Celebrate it!  Every week sober, I would go buy a CD or a DVD.  Think about it, we’re still the child that would smile when they did something positive and got rewarded.  Find that reward and don’t allow yourself to have it unless you do it.  I get asked quite frequently how I was able to do it.  I would say things like: “I got sick and tired of being sick and tired”, “I couldn’t take it anymore”.  When in reality, it was fear of going broke because of a car that did it. Thanks to UPW, it finally became clear to me HOW I did it.  And speaking of the event

Now to:


Thank you, thank you, thank you Courtyard Marriott for having a cafe.

I don’t know if the egg white, spinach, and cheese muffin sandwich was the best I’ve ever had, but at the moment, it sure as shit was a contender!  Scored a big cup of fruit, grabbed my protein bars, almonds, and gum and headed to the SAP Center.

Going into day two you are made aware of something, Tony will NOT be there.  Tony was just yelling, chanting, screaming, speaking for 12 plus hours.  He’s been doing this for over 30 years, after a while your vocal chords can only take so much. Trust me, I was only there for one day and I already sounded like Harvey Fierstein.  For those that don’t know the name:

And yes, I posted a clip from Mrs. Doubtfire on purpose.  Robin…The magnificent Robin Williams was used as a tragic example of achievement without fulfillment.

Then we got to meet Joseph McClendon III.  Who looks just like Levar Burton.


He isn’t Tony Robbins, but no one really is.  Tony is 6’7, 285.   Kind of a unique.  However, if Tony Robbins is a professional football team, Joe McClendon is Alabama.  If Uncle Dave is reading this, he either just flipped his shit or smiled from ear to ear.

He crushed it. How did he crush it?  By telling us to “SHAKE OUR ASS”.  He trained us, almost Pavlovianesque, that when he told us to put our books down, which we of course did.  But when he told us to stand up, we not only stood up, we were to act as if we just won the fucking lottery.  Fascinating how great you feel when you stand up like that!  It’s that easy folks.  How easy? Stand up, shake your ass side to side or swivel your hips.  Do it!  How do you feel?  You’re welcome.

The day was exceptionally fun and deliciously informative.  Whether it was shaking our ass or learning about: Neuro Associative Conditioning, The Power of Beliefs, the aforementioned 3 Steps to Lasting Change, The Science of Momentum, The Core to Emotional Fitness and SO much more.  We’re there for 12 hours plus per day.  I hope you all realize that there is a chance I do leave stuff out.  Just wanted to state that.  You want to know what it’s truly like? Go!

I also sat with a group of Essential Oil providers. My goal was to sit somewhere different every day so I could meet new people.   Throughout the entire day they were just dabbing oil here, and dabbing oil there, it was quite fascinating.  Outstanding group of people that embraced me into their section like we’ve been friends for years.  I also sat in front of another wandering solo soul. She was from Edmonton and like I, both came to just go 100%, all in this weekend and see what happens.

On day 2, I also  met the person that helped make this all happen.  Angel was working the Mastery Booth.  Before I talk about this gift from God, I will say there was a lot of selling.  Now, this is the way I look at it.  At a concert, sporting, or wrestling event, they sell CD’s, DVD’s, t-shirts, and most importantly, beer.  At Tony Robbins, they sell you supplements, cd programs, and events.  Don’t get me wrong, the cost of goods is substantial, but so isn’t the reward. And there was  NO ALCOHOL!  Wasn’t needed.  Why?

You learn at your most receptive when your up, moving, breathing, having a fucking blast!  And that is exactly what they provided atmosphere-wise.  Seriously, I danced, clapped, jumped and screamed during songs that you couldn’t pay me to simply listen to.  You could even promise me an hour alone with Scarlett Johansson and I would of struggled listening to some of the Top 40 “songs” I heard over the course of the weekend.  But here I am, jumping, clapping and screaming like I’m the leader of their fan club!  If it sounds awesome, times it by 100!

Just when you think you can’t do anymore.  Your legs are tired, your hands hurt, your voice is gone…You find another level.  It’s pulled out of you.  My God, it’s just pulled out of you!

There is a method behind it.

When you are your most tired and doing something, this is when you respond and grow.  Think about a personal trainer while you workout.  You finish doing 10, he or she tells you to give them 4 more. There is NO WAY you can do 4 more, but you try and maybe get 2.  That is when you grow.  When you go beyond what you thought you could, you break through that imaginary brick ceiling.  This is when you start to thrive. This is when you begin the journey to arrive!

Meanwhile, I had to go meet a dear friend I have never met.

Angel is 4’11, rugby star, supermom, and woman that left a highly lucrative profession to be a part of something spectacular; the changing of lives.   Did I mention 4’11? Made me feel massive.  Truly another metaphor for this whole experience.  She was everything I thought she would be and a million times that.  If you want to be a truly amazing, meet the truly amazing and don’t let go of them, for you will learn so much.  You want to be a great business owner?  Talk to great business owners.  You want to live healthy and feel like your 25?  Hang out with someone that is 50 and feels that way!  Pick their brains. And when you do, for the love of God don’t sit there and say:

“Oh yeah, I know that”

I could kick a puppy (not literally) when I hear that.

“Oh you do huh?  How much do you weigh again and what’s for lunch? Oh that whole grocery bag full? Looks filling.”

I digress.

Point being, she’s exceptional and my life has grown and will continue to grow because of the dumb luck that I called and she answered.  Thank you for that, my friend.  It was a mighty kind thing you did for me.

However, one thing:

“Be sure to get rest, tomorrow is transformation day!”

Pretty sure she Facebook messaged me, text me, and then spoke those words to me face to face over the course of that entire day.  That left me with one question:



What the hell was going to happen to me on Day 3?


For anyone looking for information about the event or anything to do with Tony Robbins, please call:  Angel McDonnell at 858-535-6287. Or email her at

Please be sure to  tell her that I sent you.

Thank you and be sure to subscribe to find out when my next blog is posted.






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