When did Mass get militant?

I go to Church.  Yes, every Sunday.  I pray, I sit, I stand, I kneel, I shake hands, I sing, I even receive communion if you can believe that.  Why?

Because I am God.

On occasion, I will see some of my “Ultra-liberal” friends-Being a retired Phish follower, you tend to have a few of those-Post on Facebook a link to either a video or an article, sometimes a very unoriginal meme slamming religion.  And that’s okay.

For you see, from what I gathered over my 13 years in the Catholic School system, is that God loves us all,  God is within all of us because we are the children of God, which means I should love everyone because they are God,  which equals I am God.

I just went all six degrees of Kevin Bacon and shit on you.  Didn’t know what the fuck to do, did ya?

Faith is a muscle that we need to use or it will develop atrophy.  I don’t believe that simply because I have a faith.  I do get how one may come to that conclusion.  I believe it though because I bared witness to it.

Effort is not lacking by this little guy in South Glens Falls.  It’s not hubris, it’s just fact.  I bust my ass when focused on the things that I covet, desire, or flat out want.  What I lack is a faith.  Faith in those that surround me will not be detrimental to my process.  Faith that I won’t have a moment of sabotage, or paranoia that a letter will come in the mail that will cripple me financially.  Faith in myself and the resilience I possess, the resourcefulness that I take for granted, these will not permit me to completely fail.

I just didn’t have faith.

So, what did I do?  I figured that if I could have a Faith in God, than I could easily have a Faith in myself, right?  I mean, I can look into the mirror and see me.  If I pray that I possess the ability to do something, I say, “Self, let’s do something.”  As opposed to praying to something that I have a greater hope for, than maybe anything, that this deity exists.

And trust me, my faith, doesn’t even scratch the service of those that hope for that more than their next breath.  My source, an 89-year-old, Sicilian/Italian, Roman-Catholic Grandmother.

Imagine if we put that amount of hope, prayer, and emotional trust in ourselves, what we could accomplish? Achieve?  Fulfill?

Think about that. Instead, we blame others, our parents, our past which equals our future, we even blame ourselves.  Yet, we pray to God, that God make it better, as opposed to us praying to ourselves that WE make this better.

Yet today during the Homily at Mass, it felt hostile.  Making reference to prayer being taken out of public schools.  Having a more sensitive society out of fear of offending.  We’re allowing an emotion to dictate what we say.  That is why we are so afraid today more than ever, when we really don’t have that much to be afraid of.  Yet, we’re told that we should be and we believe it.

My fear is debt.  There 100’s of millions afraid where they can find their next meal or clean drinking water, and I’m worried about having debt into my 50’s.  Think about what you’re afraid of, and ask; Can I change that?  What do I have to do to change that?  Why is it easier for me to be afraid than taking the necessary actions to change it?

“Easy for you to say Keith, you don’t have children and I have to worry about their lives.”

I’m not saying don’t worry about them, but have trust, have faith, that you will provide them everything they will ever need to be prepared to have a love filled, fulfilling life!

They learn it from you.  You might as well start believing it.  And don’t compare it to the way you were raised.  You are your own person!  Knock that shit off.  Thank the parent for what you are!  And be thankful for what you aren’t! Give that gift to your child. Not to mention, you live in Vermont, or wherever you live, I don’t think you’re any imminent danger.

We’re smarter as a society, we just got scared.  Maybe if we invested more into having a faith, maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be so afraid to put ourselves out there and make an everlasting change.

Have faith in God, because you are God.

Not A god.  Let’s get that perfectly clear.  You’re not David Koresh



Oh Myelin…The Reason Why I blog.

Those that know me know a couple things:

  1. I don’t shut the fuck up
  2. I love to tell stories


Oh and one more thing: I hate people that park next to me in a parking lot when I park my car at least 20 spaces away from everyone else.  Do you think they do it on purpose? I think they do it on purpose.

So, what does this have to do with me blogging?  Is it because I love the sound of my own voice?  Yes. More so, I don’t want to be that guy at the Italian Club when I’m 75 years old that is known as a great storyteller.  I just don’t .

We all know the type.

A guy or gal that can just blow your socks off.  You know the characters, the setting, the intention, the obstacle, and finally the outcome.  It doesn’t matter if the whole thing is bullshit, completely embellished, or remarkably true; All we know is, we want another.  If you’ve never met someone like that, you need to.

But what am I doing right now? Other than making you regret you started reading this?  And judging, I know you’re judging me,

What the fuck is going on with Keith?”

He goes to some Tony Robbins thing, probably had some drink that had acid in it, now I keep seeing this shit on my Facebook”.

It’s probably all the drugs he used to take, they melted his brain.”


The real reason, myelin. What is myelin some of you may ask?


Myelin is a mixture of proteins and phospholipids forming a whitish insulating sheath around many nerve fibers, increasing the speed at which impulses are conducted.

What the fuck does that mean?  Imagine Tiger Woods learning how to hit a driver at age 3. He was told how to do it, he tried, he failed, he thought about it, tried, failed, thought about it, tried, failed.  But each time he was getting a little bit closer until he got it.  The nerves you fire off to perform that act are getting stronger and develop myelin to making them more efficient and faster.

Simply put, you get really, really good by trying and failing continuously.  As long as there is deep thought, which creates deep practice, which creates a passion to be exceptional.

Are we following along?  Are we figuring out what I’m telling you?

When I first heard of myelin I was intrigued.  So I investigated by buying a book called
“The Talent Code: Unlocking the Secret of Skill” by Daniel Coyle.  I’m only a few chapters deep, but the premise is how the truly great, practiced in a way that many of us could do, just choose not to do out of fear of failure.

Think about that, there is something we love to do, but we are afraid of going out and subjecting ourselves to scrutiny for fear of someone’s opinion.

The boy that loves playing guitar but will never play it outside of his room or garage.  The writer that only journals to herself.  The boy the dreams of being an actor but fears he is to ugly to be one.

Jonah Hill is an actor, what the fuck is your excuse?

Point being,  you’re going to see more of these.  The stories I will practice on will be observations, explorations, or simply nothing about nothing, but they will be mine to be scrutinized by you.

Some of you may hate the majority of what I say, I’m just looking for the one thing you like.