Date with Destiny: Day 2

Day 1 Recap:

There were many of a thing my friends that I wrote as I awaited the “Grand Entry” of our M.C, and I’d like to share that with you now:

Coming in,  like a mass of cattle dying for inspiration. 

Some, some may be here because it looks like something cool to do.
Some may be here because they are looking to save their marriage. 
Some may be here looking to save their lives.
Some may be here looking to create a change in their lives.
I am here because my life is not where it should be. Because I REFUSE to grow old and think to myself, “what if”. 
I am here because my life is too complicated to simply be simple.
I am here because I demand that I fulfill everything that this one life I have is realized. 
I am here because I need to try. I must try. 
In the hall, we waited not asking why they are here. 
In the hall, we waited knowing why.
We are all searching for purpose.
Or we have our purpose and we are trying to realize it.
To fulfill our destiny
I feel like I should do two snaps of my fingers like a poet in some goddamn cafe in San Francisco after reading that.
One thing I didn’t write, by my cynicism wouldn’t let go of was, is this only for those that have the means (financial) to create change in their lives?
I mean, I don’t see the Mexican on a work visa that spends half his day shoveling shit and the other half doing dishes here.  Granted, it may be because this douche closed El Mexicano down in Hudson Falls. (Still bitter)
But I couldn’t concern myself with that, for you see, I’d been up since 4:30AM, got there at 9:30AM and didn’t leave until 1:30AM.
It was a day full of joy, laughter, tears, thought, anger, and pretty much every and any emotion a human goes through. Well except for those that spend the majority of their day searching for answers while never asking a goddamn question.
fat woman with tattoos
We all bore witness (you bet your ass I had to google if that was the correct tense) to a woman break out of her suicidal shell and dance like a stripper that didn’t care. And it was awesome.  A couple give a chance to having a child when it petrified the potential patriarch to death.  Lotta P’s popping there.
And lastly, witnessed secrets being shared anonymously that would frighten Stephen King.
Then, well, then, after 13 fucking hours in 50-degree temperatures (there was a guy in line that mentioned how he “heard” they keep the room at 10 degrees and I almost jumped down his throat for being such a fucking moron.  Then, well, he was from London, so, you know, I was the fucking American asshole that didn’t get he meant Celsius.)…After 13 hours of jumping on a strained iliopsoas, and after 13 hours of losing my voice to the point of sounding like Kathleen Turner.
Then, well, an old man puts his arm around me as I was getting into my group for the remainder of the week, and says:
Little weird, but I was wearing a name tag, so…
“Do you know who Jeff Arch is?”
“Should I?” I said back with no display of charm or patience. I was cold, tired, and and older guy just wrapped his arm around me..,so…
“He wrote, “Sleepless In Seattle” after coming to Date with Destiny.  You’re in the right place.” Then she scruffed my hair like only an older man can…
Turns out he’s my group leader.
I don’t know if he’s going to read this, but, that was an awfully nice thing he did…
Day 2, here I go…on 4 hours of fucking sleep mind you!

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