Date with Destiny: Day 3

Raise of hands, how many guys found themselves wanting to “rub one out” when an impromptu lesbian moment happened during an episode of Jerry Springer?

Ya, THAT didnt happen. But it was the moment I desperately wanted to attend a show of that nature. 

And yesterday, I got a front row seat….literally.
 Day 2 Recap 

I dont know how many of you know this, but I like to tell stories. It’s true, it’s true.

Well, a theme during over the course of thus almost 16 hour day in artic conditions (we started at 10:30AM anr ended at just past 2AM. The temps were so cold that a contingency from fucking Russia were wearing 3 layers and were still cold!) A theme was changing your story.

What was your life story?

Was it a comedy?

Was it drama? 

Was it horror? 

And I fucking loved and hated it. The writer in me was in me was in heaven. While the human in me was in hell. 

I raised my hand to share and Tony, who could play Fezek in the remake of A Princess Bride, was right there. I was shaking…He pointed and picked…Not me. Instead,  and thank god, he picked this woman we will call CJ. (She called herself that, and it was comical at best)

What happened next was the a World War intevention of someone that continuously plays the “victim card” for attention. What we in the Tony Robbins world call significance.

Back and forth they went, all only feet away from me.

Tony kept standing right next to me. I got yelled at, sorta for taking pics. Justifiably so. 

I’ll just say this , Tonys spit landed on me a solid half a dozen times. Some fucking freaks probably consider that a baptism. I was pretty grossed out. But whatever.

Needless to say this was a car crashing into a train. 

It was awkward, uncomfortable, tragic and the mob was getting angry.

This woman wanted so much attention it was absurdly disturbing yet enlightening. 

We all know people like this, and for an hour,  we saw them all get called out.

And CJ was the sacrificial lamb. 

Then, then came her antithesis. She was brought over to my section again and there I sat as a camera crew (cameras are all throughout the hall) Tony, this young lady from Serbia, and CJ. 


Needless to say, CJ didn’t learn her lesson. At least not at that moment. 

The day finally ended at just past 2AM. 

And here I am, in line, waiting to get in only 8 hours after. 

Im so tired. So goddamn tired. 

This is much harder than I anticipated. 

Im at a point where I dont know what to expect anymore.



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