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Friendly Reminder…


It’s funny, I’m continously gaining more and more (two, I’ve gained two. More [one] and more [two]) followers on my WordPress.com site.  Meanwhile, I’m no longer posting here. Funny how that is. Reminds me of allowing my match.com site to expire, next thing you know I’m George Clooney and I’ve got more emails and likes in two days than I received in two years.

Nonetheless, to all of you who signed up before and have recently decided to join this little world with a little guy who has a foul mouth and a bitter perspecitve:

Please go to my new site, provide your email address on the sign up sheet which was a pain in the ass (not for me, but the guy who built my site for free) to install. When you do, you will not only receive notifications, well, notifying you of when I post. But I’m pretty sure I’m about to start sending porn to increase clicks.  And when I say porn, I mean classy porn.  You know, first time lesbian experiences at massage parlors sort of porn.

Only the good stuff for my followers!

Remember, http://shortbitteritalian.com. That’s, http://shortbitteritalian.com

And be sure to find me on Facebook under, well, Short, Bitter, Italian.

Thanks for following and thanks for playing!